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Whether you want to spend a fun weekend or just spend the day with your family in one of the great outdoor locations, this indoor water park is a great place to enjoy a breath of the past. Spend the day: Whether you're out on the rink with the family or spending a day in the water at the Great Lakes Waterpark in Solon, Ohio. Ideal for the whole family and ideal for you and your children and enjoy with a family friend.

More than a dozen interactive activities and spaces have been set up to give children the freedom to explore and give parents peace of mind. Activities and games are offered for all ages, but parents can also get involved in the park's parent exchange program. This is the starting point for young thrill seekers and everyone is invited to join in and get involved in the adventure.

You can also catch steelhead fish in their marina and make a full-day family trip, with a day trip to the Great Lakes National Park in summer.

Among the best places to visit in fall are Wade Park and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. One of its main attractions is the Great Lakes Botanical Garden, where you can stroll through the gardens. It is a refuge for native plants and animals and offers visitors endless routes of discovery, including a variety of plants, flowers, trees, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects, fish, animals and more.

The Lake Metroparks Greenway Corridor runs for 5 miles through Painesville and its community of Concord Township. Most of the way follows an abandoned rail corridor from Baltimore and Ohio through a predominantly rural landscape, some heavily forested and with a mixture of green paths and trails.

The Olde Muskingum Trail runs parallel to the Tuscarawas River and the Ohio - Erie Canalway and is a popular fishing spot in Cleveland Metroparks. The Portage Hiking and Cycling Trail stretches 3.5 miles through the city of Cleveland and its community of Portagesville. At some point south of Georgetown Road, the Nickel Plate Trail in Ohio runs for 2.5 km.

If you prefer to watch others play or get involved in the action, the Sandusky Resort's indoor water park offers a variety of sports. There are several ways to swim, work at depth, cool off in a lazy river or have fun on exciting slides. A family adventure awaits you with water attractions that include water slides, water parks and a variety of water sports for children and adults.

Enjoy a variety of zoo programs throughout the year, from feeding exotic animals in the car to driving by car - with exhibits and a variety of activities for children and adults. The Cleveland Metropark allows you to explore 18 reserves that span the entire area of the nationally recognized zoo and the city of Cleveland itself.

The 31-acre lake park is the crown jewel of Lakewood Park and offers a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as a range of family-friendly activities. Boettler Park covers 62 hectares on the green and includes a protected wetland, a playground, picnic areas and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Located near the JCC Mandel, Preston H.O.P.E. includes a hands-on home adjacent to an elevated walkway, as well as a playground, playground and outdoor amphitheater.

Parents can relax with healthy meals and snacks, while children can have fun at the H.O.P.E. Preston amphitheatre with a variety of games, activities and activities for children and adults. The CLE in Avon also has a play area for children and families.

The Cedar Point Shores Waterpark offers family splashes with exciting water slides for adults and older children. Add a day off to your stay and the whole family can cool off at Cedar Point Shore Water Park.

Experience the air, enjoy the surroundings at one of the numerous museums, take a snack, visit historic sites, attend a concert or live performance, host a party or hop on the lawns of the playgrounds at Cedar Point Park. Experience the world's largest aquarium, the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC), and experience the wonders and creatures of nature at the John Perkins Museum of Natural History and Science, dive deep into the past in dinosaur halls, discover the foothills of the universe at the Shafran Planetarium, and much more. With a variety of traveling exhibitions, special events, educational programs and activities, GL SCS is home to a Polymer Funhouse that includes a brand new infant area. Stay fit and active with activities such as swimming, cycling, running, jumping and jumping, hosting and hosting parties, and fitness and yoga classes.

Ohio has many different options to choose from and you can be sure that there is one that is perfect for you and your family to be with you.

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More About Solon