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The Solon Ohio Hotel & Spa, the newest hotel in Columbus, Ohio, will open its doors on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. The new hotel, located at 6040 Enterprise Parkway, will be operated as a franchise by Marriott, owned by the Great Lakes Hotel Group and managed by Spark Hotels, under the same brand name as the hotel's parent company, Marriott International, LLC.

However, he stressed that part of the acquisition was due to the company's 50-plus employees, including several who have worked there for more than 20 years, which has built a strong fan base over the years that has become one of Columbus' most successful hotels in the hotel industry. In the same interview, Funke Vice President Bhavesh Lad said: "It is the staff here who bring people to this property every year. The village development was led by Solon City Councilman and former Columbus Mayor Alfred J. "Bobby" "Dwight, who has signed the contract - to - sell.

We want to go beyond that to do everything to make our guests feel comfortable and we encourage them to be genuine. Our service staff are thoroughly trained in local knowledge and look forward to connecting guests with the region. We help them with this by providing friendly staff who really care about their guests. Just ask, we would be happy to include you in our program as long as you are willing to work with us.

To learn more about Iowa's unique attractions, visit the Iowa State Fair, the Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau or visit our sister hotel in Iowa City, Iowa for more information. Lake Macbride is located just a few miles north of the town of Des Moines and has a popular beach. The park features asphalt roads, paved paths, a water park and picnic area, as well as an outdoor amphitheater with a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults.

On - Hotel guests can prepare their own complimentary hot breakfast each morning in the lobby area. In addition, Solon hotels offer a free shuttle bus to and from the Iowa State Fair and Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau. Guests can end their stay with an outdoor dinner at the Weber Grill or a barbecue at the hotel.

Just down the road, it is worth visiting the ice cave, where ice deposits from the last late summer are located. Fill up with a beer at the overturned Goliath Brewery and Kanzelfelsenbrauerei, or head back downtown for a do-it-yourself waterfall tour in Decorah. What else to do: Visit the Cedar Rapids Convention and the Iowa State Fair Visitor Office before heading to Solon for an evening of beer, food and entertainment.

How to get there: To get to the spring - fed by a waterfall - it takes two hours to drive from the town of Solon or one and a half hours from the Cedar Rapids. The waterfall, which is a series of short falls into the Boone River, is part of the paved Boone River Recreational Trail that runs through the park.

From the park, drive up 129th Street and walk along the West Lake Trail to have a view of the spout, or park on the west side of Lake Park Drive and park at the entrance to the lake.

What else can you do: Leave the park to enjoy the panoramic view of the Mississippi, or take a ride on the Scenic City Empress, view the water in both directions, drive to Iowa Falls and enjoy the view from the Empress. What else you can do at Solon Ohio Hotel: What else can you do from the hotel on your next trip to Columbus, Ohio?

What else you can do at Solon Ohio Hotel: What else can you do on your next trip to Columbus, Ohio? If you have a waterfall in your garden, a visit to the John F. Wright State Park Waterfall Tour is a must. Below are some tips on how to explore one or more attractions on the waterfall tour.

Guests can relax and work in a modern suite, which has built-in shelves, a fully equipped kitchen and an open living room. Suite is designed to provide guests with plenty of space to create their own space at the Solon Ohio Hotel. Whether you choose a room with a private bathroom, private dining room or hanging area, you will find everything you need to make you feel at home.

The floor-to-ceiling TowneMap (r) also helps guests get used to Solon by providing great places to eat, play and play. The Cleveland Trolley Tour, which is also popular with summer travelers, runs all day and offers over 100 attractions. During their stay at townePlace Suites, Cleveland and Solon travelers can unpack their bags with the help of our Container Store partners, and we help our guests stay organized on the go with the help of our partner, the Container Store.

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