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If you live in Solon and try to find a place to eat in the city, you know you have to go to a restaurant and get out before people even have the chance to try it. Those of us who live outside Solon have found that we are taking our money to other cities to eat.

While Flip Side is a popular place for teenagers because of its variety of options, many Solon residents do not have the opportunity to go there often. The nearest town is 20 minutes away and many people are not afraid to go there due to the long waiting times.

Such a restaurant in Solon would fill the hole for a faster option without leaving town. Getting and maintaining a high-quality sit-down restaurant would not only keep Solon residents and their restaurants alive and spending money, but also improve the community. If all the above restaurants were listed, the Solon would be a great place to live for future generations and secure its place in the history books.

Besides the specialty restaurants mentioned so far, I would like to see a few new fast food options in Solon. Melt in Solons has the potential to be a popular place for young people, adults and children due to its menu and diversity. With the addition of a new sit-down restaurant we would have nothing better than to see a soft mushroom in the SolOn. I am also interested to see a few more of them with the recent opening of the speciality restaurant mentioned above.

You have many dishes designed by a chef that are always amazing when you are looking for something unique. When you see the endless range of fresh toppings, you really open your eyes to the wealth of possibilities they offer. In addition to the good food, Dewey's also has a team of waiters who provide excellent service to customers. They have their own pizza prepared in their kitchen and also have the opportunity to create their own pizzas with a variety of inflated options.

I discovered my favorite pizza place in Cincinnati after being a fan of Mellow Mushroom during my parents "college years. Dewey's location at Lee's in Cleveland is a great addition to the city of Cleveland and one of the best pizzerias in the state. The Mandell family has been pushing for the restaurant since it opened, and they are still pushing for it to open a second location in their hometown of Cincinnati.

Highlights of the new look include the addition of a V-hook for 24 guests in the "A" and improved lighting. Other improvements include the use of a large screen and individual screens, as well as a full service bar. This neighborhood hangout will present its large seating area for 240 guests with a large outdoor terrace and an outdoor seating area.

Mellow Mushroom also offers a menu that is easy to order, as well as a full service bar. Other amenities include an outdoor courtyard with a large outdoor terrace, a new bar and a "NOBB" menu with more than 20 draft beers.

Mellow Mushroom has so many possibilities that the inhabitants of Solon would go years before they ran out of great opportunities to try it. During our culinary adventure we found many family favorites that we thought would do particularly well with Solon.

Despite many delivery and take-out restaurants, Solon doesn't have a pizza restaurant like Pizza Hut. It is sad that the city cannot compete with McDonald's, but it lacks family and the only options left are Arby's and Burger King, which are neither good quality, even for fast food.

Rosty Bucket in Solon offers a gluten-free menu and an after-hour drink special with home-made cocktails. To help those in need, students offer free food, drinks and other free services to students and families. All proceeds donated will help Solon's Academic Boosters to promote, recognize and reward the academic achievements of Solon students.

The aim of the Foodie Festival is to raise awareness of Solon as a gastronomic destination, "says John D'Agostino, Managing Director of the Solon Chamber of Commerce. Tickets for the Foodies Fest are available at or at the Solons Chamber of Commerce at (440) 562-5555 or foodiefest @

The new restaurant is a unique butcher-restaurant combination that also offers a wide selection of wines and craft beer. A large space like Flip Side in Solon would be great for shops and would offer residents a tasty and creative burger option. Even Solon residents may not know that the city is home to 59 food businesses, including restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, cafes and more, "said John D'Agostino, executive director of the Solon Chamber of Commerce.

The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern is located at 6025 Kruse Drive in Solon and is open daily for lunch and dinner. Melt is an established company with incredible food, but it only sells beef, pork and lamb that is grown in Ohio and serves pulled pork. The Soft Mushroom is a versatile restaurant that offers a wide selection of pizzas that have something to offer for everyone in the family.

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